Friday, November 16, 2012

Meeting the first goal

   When graduating from high-school I had many different aspirations regarding my future career path. I really couldn't decide what to be. Should I be a teacher? A therapist? A social worker? I also loved designing and decorating, could I do that? I thought I might love being a hairdresser....there were just too many choices.
   I took some time to take random university classes, to work, and eventually decided to travel around Canada through a volunteer youth program, Katimavik. This gave me some time away from my friends and the little bubble I was wrapped up in to really explore the world, and mainly to learn about myself. I came home a changed woman, more mature and ready to make something of myself.
   I enrolled in a local community college in the Early Childhood Education program. My reason for taking this course, rather than going into Education or Psychology was simple. If I had this as my background, then when I finally had my own little family, I would be able to be a stay-at-home Mom, and run a daycare through my home. This way I was able to work with children, as I absolutely loved to do, and would be prepared to have an income while taking care of my own kids. It seemed perfect.
   I excelled in the program and had better grades than I ever did through my 12 years of grade school. I loved it, and have been working in daycare ever since.
   I still have aspirations of being something more. I really want to become a therapist, and have been slowly working towards it over the years. However, I chose to put my education on hold in order to fulfill some of my other dreams. The first of which, came in the form of a handsome young man....

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