Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where has this blog taken me?

   The more open I become with my situation, the more hopeful I become that dream number 3 will become a reality one day. But in the meantime, other somewhat surprising and wonderful things are also happening that make me so happy that I started this blog.
    People have come out of the woodwork with advice, guidance, encouragement, as well as shared stories. I appreciate the group of “followers” I have developed and hope that as my story unfolds, more and more people will be encouraged to follow their own dreams, and share their own stories.
   Having faced so many “heavy” situations so often in my life, I have developed the ability to appreciate and be grateful for things that I find many people taking for granted. Not only has this blog helped me find some potential solutions to this major issue, but it has also helped me to gain confidence in really being who I am. I have always been so embarrassed by my non-filtered ways and, at times, I still am. But I am so grateful that I can be an outlet for others who find it so difficult to open up, and be real about things. In the past year, I have had more than one person tell me that I have influenced their life in a major, positive way… simply by being so open and honest, and reminding them about what truly matters in life.
   So, as it turns out, I started this blog completely selfishly, hoping to find some help, guidance or answers. I have found much of what I have needed and that is wonderful. Now this blog seems to be serving the purpose of being encouragement for others, which is fantastic and makes it all so much more worth it!
   I am so grateful. And so full of hope.