Sunday, June 29, 2014

Busy Making Plans

   They say that life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. Isn’t that the truth? As I sit down to write this, I am completely overcome with emotion… I’m not quite sure how I am going to get through it, but here goes…
   Life has been so busy that I have found myself staying up later at night and getting up earlier in the mornings just to have some “me” time. I do understand that when/if a child comes into our life I am going to laugh at myself for having felt this way as a childless person. But, I plead ignorance at this point. I don’t know what it’s like to have someone waiting on me for their every need 24/7. When that does happen, I am sure I will appreciate the time I have now, even though it currently doesn’t feel like I have any.
   Some wonderful, and some not so wonderful things are going on in this busy life. I will start with the not so wonderful. My sister was in a pedestrian vs. car accident while walking across the street a couple months ago. It was scary for sure, but she recovered from her injuries like a champ. She was doing well until a couple weeks ago when she was admitted to the hospital again, this time with a badly infected leg and blood infection. That, too, has cleared up, but other health concerns have come up and it looks like she will be in hospital for a few weeks more. She is such a trooper and a huge inspiration to me. She has been through so much challenge in her life, I often feel the hand she was dealt is grossly unfair.
   When times are tough, I think of her and all she has been through, and I know I will be okay no matter what. It has been difficult worrying about her, but there have also been some great things happening that help in dealing with the bad.
   Ryan’s sister had a baby girl in May. She’s beautiful and healthy and such a precious little gift. We are so excited to be aunty and uncle to her.
   My brother and his wife purchased their first home in Winnipeg and are anxiously waiting for the arrival of their second little bundle in July.
   We have four weddings to attend this summer, and that’s fantastic because we both love celebrating love.    We also have a family reunion to attend for each side of our family this summer. It will be nice to connect, and reconnect with our families. It doesn’t look like the business of life is going to slow down any time soon.
   Along with all of that going on, we are still on the baby road. We have completed the information session, the counseling, and have a clear-cut timeline regarding when the legal agreement needs to be finished, when the extraction will take place, and a pretty good idea as to when the transfer will happen! Forgive us but we want to keep some elements of all this private, so no sharing of dates for now. We will let you know that part when we are ready!
   But, I am extremely excited to let you know that we have two fundraisers happening. We have created an online fundraiser through the website called YouCaring. It’s similar to Kickstarter or GoFundMe. This donation page (using PayPal) can be shared via social media, and is a great way to donate to personal situations. We are grateful for any and all donations we receive. Even if you are unable to support us but are interested in donating to other causes, I highly recommend that you check out YouCaring because there are so many people who can use financial help. The causes can be anything from medical bills to personal endeavours, to weddings, and everything in between. The link is at the end of this blog posting.
   We have also decided to have a live fundraiser on October 11th. We are hoping that will be where we will receive the largest gift toward offsetting our medical and legal fees. It will be similar to a wedding social. With the date and a location booked we are now ready to gather prizes. Again, we are beyond grateful for any and all donations that are sent our way. We don’t have tickets printed up just yet because we only just booked everything this week. We hope to have some printed and available in the next few weeks so that you ALL can come out and help us celebrate love and facilitate a new life.
   As unfortunate as it is that we need to take the surrogacy route, and that we need to have a fundraiser to afford it, we are elated that it is all coming to fruition! We are feeling very, very lucky for all the love and support we have surrounding us through the process, and we are extremely excited to celebrate the creation of our baby with our friends and family. We simply cannot wait for the day we can announce a viable pregnancy.
   So, yes, life is happening while we are busy planning our future. We are incredibly happy, blessed, and thankful for where we are and the path we are on. We cannot thank you all, our family and our friends enough for the support we have already received and are confident will continue throughout the process. And, of course, we don’t even have the proper words to thank our surrogate, her husband, and their family enough.
   We hope to see everyone that wants to support us in the fall at the fundraiser and, in the meantime, that you, too, are all enjoying your busy lives!

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