Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The smallest things mean so much.

   It was an ordinary day. I woke up to the soft sounds of my morning alarm, went through my morning routine, headed to work and drank my morning coffee. I took a lunch break, and, due to my particular shift that day, I was able to pick Ryan up from work for the drive home.
   We chatted about the day, and listened to the traffic report. Our sweet dog, Winny, greeted us at home with a wagging tail and lots of wet kisses. I went to get the mail as Ryan started dinner… a very ordinary day.
   The mailbox was full, as it sometimes is. I sifted through the junk, the bills, and the all important flyers. Amongst it all was the letter we had been waiting for… I opened it and had to sit down before reading it. The words “Prenatal Consult” were no bigger than any others on the page, but they jumped out at me as though they were the only ones on the page.
   My hands were shaking as I took the letter into the kitchen to show Ryan, and waited ever so anxiously to see if his response was going to be similar to mine, or was I freaking out?

   His smile grew from ear to ear and I knew instantly that I had every reason to be excited. I started crying as I realized I was holding a piece of paper that had both my name and the words “prenatal consult” on it. It was only telling us when our appointment was going to be… that’s all it said! But it was one of the most important pieces of mail I have ever opened.
   This road is a long one for us, and that is okay because we are beginning to realize that parenthood may actually be attainable before we are even ready… if one is ever ready… but we are up for the challenge! We aren’t going to rush anything, and we know there will be unforeseen roadblocks, but knowing we are going to really get to talk to someone about this whole thing, and that this person should be able to help us, is beyond exciting!!

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