Monday, November 26, 2012

This changes everything

     Yes, I fell in love. We connected quickly and had so much fun together. Soon, our relationship went from barely knowing each other to being best friends. My parents and my older brother, who has been with his wife since he was 18, always told me that when I found Mr. Right, it would be easy. And it was!

   Now, to say it was easy doesn’t mean we didn’t work at it, because we did. We wanted to! It was never a question of, “Should we work this out?” It was more that we couldn’t imagine NOT working it out. We had some big arguments in the first year or so, but through it all we learned that we could tell each other anything; and that we really were the perfect match for each other. Our morals and values were the same, and our outlooks on the world and life were so similar. I had found a guy that actually felt the same way as I did about so many important things. I couldn’t believe it. He was supportive of me in everything I did or said. And when he didn’t agree with me, he’d always be honest.
   He always pushed me to be the best I could be, and to always try my hardest. One thing he really pushed in the beginning was for me to get out and be active. He led an extremely active lifestyle, jumping at any opportunity to play any sport offered. I tried to keep up with him but I just couldn’t. I remember going to play tennis with him once and nearly passing out because I just didn’t have the cardio endurance. That experience took me back to when I was a child, trying to keep up with my active friends and always feeling like I was letting people down, or holding them back because I just couldn’t do what they could do.
   That prompted me to make an appointment with my cardiologist. I wanted both of us to be clear on what kind of exercise I should be doing, and just how much of it. Part of me wanted the doctor to tell him that he was pushing me too hard, and to ease up a little. But, the rest of me really hoped the doctor would tell me that I was too sensitive, and that I should be pushing myself harder. Even though I had spent my whole life testing my own limits, I hoped and prayed that maybe I was just a suck, and that it wasn’t all that serious an issue. That appointment was the beginning of something that would change my life forever.

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